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Jun 20, 2013
    1. DnPresident
      Hi.. I saw where you had something similar to this last year for under $800 If you have any current promos/Deals on deep dish or ultra deep dish Black Chrome or stealth Godspeed Omega 18" tire & wheel package mounted and balanced I'd like to hear what ya got. I just need to make up my mind which color I'm getting and to make sure it's the right offset. I see some people selling them for my car so I think they are the right offset.

      Have a 1995 SVT Cobra and the best I could find out about it after doing some online research is that it has a 24mm offset.

      Before the drag slicks I had 315/35/17's on my current rims on the rear with spacers and no rub but may have to roll my fenders a tad for the 18's

      My email is [email protected]

      either PM me here or email me if you can do anything. Got about 500RWHP so want some good tires. [email protected]
    2. Rjohar1203
      is there a promo code i need to get the special forum member price for the discounted foose wheels?
    3. Rjohar1203
      I registered for the forum and am interested in some Foose wheels for my 2010 GT Mustang
    4. skinnykenny
      Mike, I recently purchased an 07 Shelby GT with a damaged wheel. I need a Shelby Razor in Silver in a 20x 9 with a 40mm oofset. I can't find one as everybody says they don't make them any more. Would you happen to know where I could find one? Thanks
    5. MikeCruizin
      The 60% Applies to the Anthracite Godspeed Omega Wheels and I can save you on both the 9's and 10's if you want them. Call Garret as I will be at Mustang week as we are a sponsor of the event. I will be back on Monday next week.
    6. Fab
      Mike how can I get the 60% discount you are offering for the Godspeed omega 18x9?
    7. sonik1supra
      i saw a post refering to the godspeed deep dish 5" lip wheels in black chroe i wanted to order a set for my 98 gt is there any discount offers please email at [email protected]
    8. smokey01gt
      I saw a post from last year referring to a Stangnet member discount on Shelby Razors. Do you still offer the discount for members..and if so, what's the discount.

    9. MikeCruizin
      We do not currently have the Foose Nitrous in the 18 inch black as Foose has temporarily discontinued this finish. However we do have a few sets left in the 18inch sizes. Shoot me a private message if you have interest in something and I'll see what I can do for you.
    10. GT/CS07

      Do you have anything on the Foose Nitrous in black? Either the 18's or 20's staggered. I only see deals for the gray.
    11. tsunami4u
      still got the godspeeds at 60% off?
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