Rick 91GT
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Jan 24, 2014
Nov 30, 1999
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Jun 30, 1977 (Age: 37)
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Owner of RNH PERFORMANCE, Design Engineer

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Rick 91GT

Mustang Master, Male, 37, from PA

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Jan 24, 2014
    1. skarrphace 5.O
      skarrphace 5.O
      Whats up....question,i installed gt40x heads and i havent notice a increase in torque or horsepower. Could it be my stock 19lb injectors and stock mass air flow??
    2. ndmus88gteng
      Hey Rick, do you still that rotating assembly for sale, If you do ,I'd like to talk with you about it.

      Thanks Rick
    3. BoostJunkie94
      Hey Rick.. you've answered questions about problems I've had before.. now I have another question. I just noticed that at low speed like around first gear there's a hard knocking and grinding sound... could it be a u joint.. or something else??
    4. mnmusclemustang
      any retro bodywork for sn95's
    5. matador91
      I just sent you a message about a quote on a 347 short block and how this whole thing works. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    6. duuscru2
      hey rick. you will be gettn an email from me [email protected] gimme a quote
    7. sotexpowdercoat
      Rick if you would answer a few questions for me that would be great. How would this intake differ from a hogans sheetmetal intake or even the Edy super vic? Im still in the begining stages of this build and have a few diff directions i can go with it. How does the upper box plennum volume effect the torque curve characteristics. Thought that would be determined more by runner lenght/design etc. Both spider and hogan have straight large id runners. Engine bore is 4.157 with Brodix t1 m2 cnc heads, Its gonna move some air!
    8. 1bad67sbf
      i dont want to get Nik's thread off track for my app but i have long tubes and 4 inches back from the o2 is getting into my mid pipe. would this be ok or do i need to keep it in my header? thanks for your help
    9. dsinka01
      Hey rick thanks for the response on my issue with the trans. I cant tell if the clutch is engaging when i push the clutch pedal. This is the first car ive really dug my hands into. Today im going to take off the driveshaft and see if i can push the car.. im thinking yes it will move. Have you installed a new clutch cable before? Mine i bought was a new steeda quadrant..with the fire wall adjuster and obviously the cable too... when i installed it i hooked the clutch cable onto the quadrant and went through the fire wall..around and down to the fork... i tightened the cable on to the fork with a little pre load...(dont know if thats right.) Also, is ok to go through the gears with the car just sitting there not running? ( i know seems like a simple question, but again im just learning this car thing) . Thanks again rick, i appreciate you taking the time to help me man.

    10. jeremy canter
      jeremy canter
      would it be posible for you to send me a parts list of what you used to build a 5.0 stroker out of a 4.6 ? > Looks like I'm going to build the motor my self .
    11. 89stang1
      3000 miles before the switch to synthetic right?
    12. 89stang1
      rick i think im gonna head to the track right after i switch to synthetic oil gotta see what its gonna do
    13. jhonda
      How much do you want for one shipped to 28078
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    14. scottmach
      Hi, I would like to talk to you about having a motor built ASAP. You seem to have a good reputation and I have the money to spend. Please get in touch with me when you can. Thanks.
    15. 90FoxBdy
      Been awhile since I been in the mustang scene. Do you still have a shop? If so are you doing any tuning. I need my 90gt with s-trim and Mr. Freeze kit tuned ASAP. Let me know please. Thxs Ricky
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    Jun 30, 1977 (Age: 37)
    Home Page:
    Owner of RNH PERFORMANCE, Design Engineer
    1991 Mustang GT
    My Rides:
    1991 Mustang GT, 25.5 chassis
    2002 F350, CC 8ft bed 7.3L diesel
    2004 GSXR1000


    Owner/Operator of RNH Performance
    91GT, 25.5 chassis, 32v with a turbo 88mm:D

    Check out RNH Performance Performance Engines and Custom Fabrication. From Mild to Wild we can build what you want, when you want it.
    Rotating Assemblies, Performance Parts, Shortblocks to Crate Motors pushrod, 2v,3v,4v, Suspension, Fuel Systems, Show and Go, and full resto, Engine and Chassis Dyno Tuning Available.

    Need Any Parts, give me a call! UPR, Snow Performance, Trickflow, COMP, Turbonetics, Edelbrock, Pro-M and everyone else! [email protected]
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