Anyone Else's Coyote Consuming Oil?

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  1. Guess I got lucky? 8500K miles and the dipstick always shows right at the full line. Had it changed at 7k. Didn't add any before or since.
  2. Out of curiosity, are you still running 5w-20 or did you you switch to 5w-30?

  3. 5w-20 according to the dealer service records.
  4. Hi, I've got a 2013 gt I special ordered. It was. Built on June 18, 2012 so I'm entering my 3rd summer with it. She just turned 5000 miles. To date, I've noticed absolutely no loss of oil whatsoever.
  5. FordCustSrvc,
    Thank you for offering assistance, This is greatly appreciated and not the norm as I've never seen a manufactures rep involved and assisting forum members! I'm going to just see how this plays out for a bit as perhaps it's just the engine breaking in. I'm only at about 1,200 miles now and plan to take it to my local stealership for it's first service at 2,500 miles so I'll see if it's getting any better by then.

    Thanks for rubbing salt on my open wound :p That's awesome yours isn't consuming oil though congrats as not many people can say this which of course is the strange thing as why is there no consistency?

    I highly doubt this is a mustang owners reason for the issue as who the hell can control their foot from smashing down that vertical pedal? :p Definitely not my reason anyhow :D I'm very familiar with several proper break in methods of new engines (I bought 6 cars and 14 new motorcycles) and use heat cycles and don't baby them. The only engines I've found that consumed oil were the ones leaking, and as sad as it sounds they were always Fords, Torino/Bronco/Ranger...
  6. Hello Hellbent,

    Welcome to the forum! My name is Deysha with Ford Service and I recommend you address this with your dealer as soon as possible. Then, let me get it escalated to the customer service manager for your area. Please, PM me with your VIN, dealer, mileage, full name, and best daytime number.

    You’re welcome, p0nypwr! Keep me posted and PM me if you need me.

  7. Thank you deysha for your concern. I have since changed to royal purple at 3500 miles and now have 5100 miles and no problems with using any oil.
  8. No problem, Hellbent! :)

  9. Just have to clarify something: it's impossible to NOT use any oil on these motors. The PCV will send oil out and in to the intake manifold to be regurgitated. A lot of people replace that line with a "catch can"/oil separator. You can then empty it out from time to time and see how much oil your block is sending directly in to the combustion chamber. American Muscle has them, they run $100-$130. They make them for both sides, but you really only need one for the passenger side.
  10. This must be the industry standard. I had a similar issue with a Chrylser product and was told this same thing by the service tech. HOWEVER, in my case it turns out that a valve seal was bad from the factory in cylinder #1...whole head had to be replaced after 50k miles due to the resulting damage. The point being that I wouldn't take this statistic to the bank. You'll never be totally home free with this kind of consumption.

    BTW after 1800 miles my level is still at the top. However, I doubt that my engine has seen 4000 rpm yet....
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  11. Entered your 3rd summer with it? Then you've had it for going on 3 years and only put 5000 thousand miles on it? That why you haven't consumed don't drive her.
  12. What's up guys I have a 2014 5.0 manual purchased new with 69 miles. First 1800-2400 miles my car consumed 2 quarts of oil
    It is a daily driver so I take it easy on this car pre warm up car before every drive and from the day I bought the car I decided to change oil at every 2500 miles. First 20k miles I took it to a dealer near me in which they said drive it more and keep bringing it back to us,the place was under reconstruction so employees positions changed I ended up never going back there for other purposes, started taking it back to the place I got it from Fremont ford and they said they would monitor and test it before warranty, so now at 48k miles the car consumes 3qts before 750-900 miles, it's only gotten worse. Apparently today is one of the last steps before they make a warranty decision. Waiting on there response but will keep people informed