New radio, but no sound

Can anyone help me or link me to help for my radio? I have a 1986 GT Vert with the Premium sound system. I'm redoing the entire sound system and the first thing I did was an aftermarket radio. After connecting it, no sound would be played. I thought I might've messed something up somehow, but my father whos a big foxbody guy told me that the speakers are actually just wired weird. I looked up what could be the problem and I am seeing a lot of random things, like fuses, messed up wiring and the amp. Seems like it might be the amp causing it, but I have no idea. Anyone know what the issue is? The amp is still in the car.

Reverse goes forward???

1996 gt 5spd manual, nothing fancy just a well loved old beater.

I replaced the 2 freeze plugs behind the flywheel and just got my t45 back in it and fired up. Well now the d*mn thing goes forward when I shift into reverse and there's a horrible binding sound when I push my brake pedal, but it sounds like the binding is coming from the motor.....someone please show me the error of my ways before I burn this mf'er to the ground hahahah

Engine Occasional misfires normal for a HCI?

Even after doing a full resto on my engine, I still get occasional misfires. The car will misfire when it is both hot and cold. I’d say about half the time I start driving the car when it’s cold once I get up to speed in 2nd gear the car bogs down, I’ll hear multiple misfires (pops from the engine) and then after that it regains power and runs fine. The other scenario it happens is very rarely during rev match downshifts when I blip the throttle I’ll hear a pop from the engine. Also sometimes when I do full throttle pulls I’ll hear a pop but the car doesn’t bog.

The car has edelbrock performer heads, cobra upper lower intake, and a x303 cam.

Could something be wrong or is she dying for a tune?

bad voltage regulator?

hello everyone,

since my Audi died I have been forced to drive the mustang while I search for a replacement. I have noticed when I have my headlights on and I rev the engine, the headlights get dim. charging voltage at idle is 14.5 and I have a brand new battery. it runs and drives fine but I'm just concerned my voltage regulator might be on its way out. what are your thoughts, and is there anything else I should check?

Paint and Body Need a couple dimensions if possible.....


Does anyone have a fox with the front and rear bumper covers removed? I need the dimension shown for the front and rear if possible. Making a drawing and don't have access at the moment to a car. And a plus if you happen to have one......rough height to the ground/floor from the centerline of the same mounting plates front and rear. I know this last one will vary greatly but for the purposes of this drawing, it will be close enough.

Paint and Body 87 Black convertible Rubber door molding. What Color black?


The title says it all. I have an 87 black vert. I'm looking to repaint the rubber door molding but can't figure out " what type black" to use.
I assume SEM bumper coater, but there is reg black and gloss black. Could even go just SEM trim black but don't know if this will work on the rubber.
I know it's basically my choice but I'm looking to match as close to OEM as possible.

I repainted all the trim with SEM trim Black and WOW does it work and look great!

Thank you for all your help!

Paint and Body I am looking for the side stripe deminsions

Hello, I bought a 1978 Mustang II Cobra project car. It was white with the red, orange, and gold stripes. I am looking for the dimensions of the stripes Cobra and Roman numerial II. I want to paint them on instead of the vinyl stripes. I have the rear spoiler, and hood scoop that still has them on them. So I can do over the hood, roof, and spoilers. I have a plotter, to do the letters and number II. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Brake’s won’t bleed on 87 LX

I have the car running after it sat for the majority of the last 20 years. New fuel tank and components, new radiator, all new fluids except for brake fluid. I sucked the fluid out of the master cylinder and replaced with new. When I started bleeding at the rear passenger, got a little then it stopped. Same thing at the driver side rear and front passenger. Front driver bled normally. Front passenger brake isn’t working at all based on the rust after a few drives, and I’m guessing the rear drums aren’t working either. Do I have clogged lines? Pulled the front and rear bleeder valves and pumped brakes, still nothing. How hard to replace lines?

Fox Headlights

So I got tired of not being able to see at night in my 89 coupe. So I looked up the video on how to adjust the headlights. Then bought the Lisle tool, a glorified 4 mm gear wrench.

Then realized that two of my adjusters were too small for the wrench, and the rest were rusted stuck.

So I just spent two hours removing one headlight and freeing up the adjusters. Replaced one adjuster screw with one from my backyard parts car.

Its working. Saving the pass side for tomorrow.

Can anyone tell me what the metal piece, (reflector?) is for in the housing? It was loose and I was able to wedge it back in.

Mach 460 System Replacement

Hi there, just bought a 99 GT convertible and while the Mach 460 was nice back in the 90's, it's crap today and my first day I broke the CD player. So it's going to get replaced with a nice CarPlay headunit, which I planned to do anyway.

So my question is, everything I look up talks about bypassing the amps and how the tweeters are driven separately, so why isn't the go to resolution is to just install the new headunit and run speaker wire to each corner, use a crossover and just tap into the factory harness at the speakers? The whole amp bypass seems like a lot of work for no real reason and actually more work.

Am I missing something here as to why I would want to do the amp bypass over directly running new wires?

I'm also going to replace all the speakers while I'm at it.

Wiring a battery relocated to trunk

My fox was in the middle of having the battery relocated to the trunk when I purchased it. I made a batter box for the new battery and mounted in the trunk of my notch. I have a 1/0 power cable and a 1/0 ground cable ran into the trunk.

The power cable is blue and this goes to the starter solenoid? The ground cable for whatever reason in run under the trunk and floor pans and mounted to the driver's side of the g force trans. Is this normal? One would think running it 12in from batter to frame would not only be more convenient but have been electrical consistency?

Now do I need to run a cable from the starter to the batter? Or just starter to solenoid? And I have 2 small pink wires coming from alternator to a plug but can't find where it plugs too?

I have no pictures. I'm at work. I will try to get some tonight if I get off early enough. It's a 84 notch w/87 front end with a 408w.

All and any help is much appreciated. Thank you

Convertible top for 1991 LX

Hi All,

Have anyone purchased a vinyl top from these guys?

If so, how was their product and customer service?

or do you guys recommend another company?

I'm not an expert on installing but going to try to install the parts myself. Can't trust anyone any more with a classic. Too many repair shops taking too long to install and taking the cars on joy rides and wind up crashing the car.

Electrical finding a stand alone harness vs making one

so i have a sn95. got hit hard in the rear side. has a cherry 5.0 5 speed. problem. the only harness i can find goes with a 93 ECM. anyone ever repin there own ECM and harness? im looking to use my sn95 5.0/t5 in an 84 ranger. am i looking in the wrong place?? really want to use my ECM because its already tuned for my engine and cam plus really want to retain fuel injection.

Interior and Upholstery door armrest chrome strip-was it on all models?

Hey folks, I am working on a known to me (mom's car) 1987 LX 5.0. I noticed the armrests on the door do not have the chrome strip but I do not recall it ever having it. Hard to believe I never noticed it but shoot I am pushing 50 now. The door panels have been off and on several times over the years, perhaps they were lost. It is a stock 1987 LX 5.0 convertible with a sand beige interior. They never would have been intentionally removed. The car has always been in the care of me, my dad, or my mom.

GT40 Heads Issues

Hi all,
I’m helping a friend of mine with his 94 GT. Long story short, his 5.0 was spitting oil out of both exhaust pipes so he decided to do a rebuild using a set of GT40 heads, GT40 intakes, E303 cam, and 1.7 rockers. I have the short block assembled at the machine shop with with new rings bearings and stock like pistons 0.030” over. The heads were refurbished with a new set of trick flow springs and valve seats and valves were machined to match their seats. They were also resurfaced very lightly.

The height of the heads is unknown and I’m having PV clearance issues being ~ 0.025” with a 0.047” compressed HG n the intake valve. With a 0.068” gasket it bumps the clearance to ~ 0.093” My stock pushrods are about 0.015” shorter.

I’ve red many instances where some people claim they did the same upgrades using the same pushrods and no PV issues. So what gaskets height are you using? Obviously every engine is different and the heads height completely changes the dimensions. Just need a little help with these issues.

Have to mention that I’ve done all my measurements were done torquing a head straight to the block without a head gasket and then adding the gasket thickness to all the related measurements like PV height (using clay) and pushrod length. It is funny that with the head torqued straight to the deck without a gasket the stock pushrods length gave the exact lifter preload of 1/4 to 3/4 of a turn @25 ft/pound. Once I get the pushrod length checker will verify all of those results.

Thank you all for any help given to me

Coolant/Radiator leak

My 04 gt has a small coolant leak but no overheating. I flushed the coolant and everything with new top radiator hose. Still leaks a little I think it’s a cracked radiator. Smoke coming from right below top radiator hose on passenger side.


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Drivetrain How did you run the wire for OD lockout on a lentech valve body

HI. I am about to install my Lentech Valve Body in my AOD. The vb came with the fitting and wire, but I am wondering how you guys drilled for the fitting? I have a deep Trick Flow pan, and figure I could probably just drill and tap the pan either on the side, or bottom. If any of you have done this I would like to know your opinions. Pictures would be helpful if anyone has any.

Thank You


PLEASE HELP!!!! Brake light issues!!!

Hey everyone new guy here! I have a 2000 GT Coupe and I’m having issues with the brake lights I have already changed the brake light switch and checked fuses but my issue is I have power at fuse 33 but no power at fuse 41 but if I turn the key on I get 10.5 volts at fuse 41 and 10.5 volts at the switch and I have hyper flash with my turn signals what could be my issue thanks for any help and information!!!
What an awesome community!