For Sale M-12071-C302 5.0 Main Harness, M-12071-D302 Sensor and Relay Kit, M-12071-F302 Manual Trans Computer Kit and M-12071-H302 Harness and Controls Kit

M-12071-C302 5.0 Main Harness, M-12071-D302 Sensor and Relay Kit, M-12071-F302 Manual Trans Computer Kit and M-12071-H302 Harness and Controls Kit - New in Box
Renton, WA


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INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Code Reader Manual

recently purchased the INNOVA 3145 Ford Digital OBD1 Code Reader and was reading the manual.
couple questions about what I found in there so far:

1. on page 12 it says, referring to the CEL:
the light will illuminate only if it is an emissions-related problem

is this accurate?
no problems other than emissions related problems are reported by the CEL?

2. on page 46, it refers to a particular test as:
R = Key Off Engine Running (KOER) code

I assume this is a typo?
key off with the engine running?


Drivetrain 91-93 Four Cylinder Five Speed Cars - No Neutral Gear Switch (NGS) Wiring

Went through the T5 and have it back in the car and I decided to finally look into why the NGS has no place to plug in on the car. After some digging around what I am understanding is the four cylinder T5 cars starting in 91 no longer have the NGS. My car was originally a four cylinder that I swapped back in 2002 so I now understand why there is no connection.

I bought a new transmission wiring harness from Ron Francis that has the NGS wiring in it but I wanted to make sure this is plug and play. I looked through my EVTM and the wiring diagrams I have for the car and it appears that all I need to do is unplug the old harness at the driver kick panel and plug the new one in.

Does anyone have knowledge on this or done the swap and is it this easy?

Fox Any recommendations for Metro Washington DC area convertible top repair?

As the title says.. I'm in the metro Washington DC area and have got alignment issue with the top on my 90 vert. Ever since one of the tension cables snapped its been off kilter and my own attempts at fixing it made only a modest improvement. So I'm hoping someone has a referral of someone who they trust who knows these tops and will do a decent job. As always.. Thanks for your help.

Hello all my names Tyler.

Hiya guys new member here. Just bought a 98 mustang coupe just standard 3.8 auto. And I'm stuck with it for a while because right after buying and titiling it I got a notice from child support that they are putting a lien on it. So now I got this a ton b car that imma be stuck with for a while.

Oh well it happens lessons learned lol. But it also gives me reasons to maybe later down the road do some retarded stuff to. Ha.

Not my first mustang I think this is my third. Frist two were I think 98 or 99 5 speed though. Oh how I miss em.

Currently was browsing the forums due to some wierd issues with the car that I was looking for clarification on. I'm sure I'll see you guys out there!

I'm from Indiana a single dad. Just trying to make it trying to make sure the car is reliable enough with these minor issues that have popped up after purchasing but I should be able to tinker it out seeking as I've always worked on my own cars and have never paid a mechanic for labor.

Also very thankful to my shop experience with motor swaps and trans r&r and just in general to my mentor and a great friend that taught me everything I now know. Taught me from knowing nothing to knowing my way around just about any motor.

I'm just not the greatest with diagnostics lol.

Eventually wanna turn this into a manual sleeper sofa nice child support dropped a lien on me. Hahaha if the motor goes kaput I can't sell it I'd have to buy another car or fix it ASAP. But if motor goes kaput I'm already making a mental list of what to do with it. ;)

I'm a new member...

My name is Neal. I live on Camano Island in Washington state. I just joined after finding one of the threads on Fastback conversions. Then reading several more.
I do not own a Mustang, but have 3 Mercury Cougars. first one is a 1970 XR-7 hardtop with the original 351W that is slightly wormed over backed by a T-5Z and 3.5- trac loc rear. It is a decent driver, next is a 1971 XR-7, this is a nice survivor with less then 100K on the clock, 351C 2v and a SB C-6. But I had to do a mechanical rebuild due to vandalism that happened in the early 80's(gas tank filled with water). The 3rd is a 1970 base model Cougar, Competition(Grabber) yellow and a 428CJ. Major project...
Over the years I have had a 66 Mustang GT coupe, a 1967 289 Coupe, a 1968 Pink 289 Coupe and a 1970 250 I6 Coupe. All were basically parts cars. I have had about 50 Cougars, most being parts cars as well. As well as maybe 20 other Ford products. I promise not to post much Cougar related stuff here. I just hope to learn more about thing in general. I work part time at a shop that works on a lot of Mustangs. They currently have a 65 Convertible, 2 first years Coupes, a 66 Fastback, 2 67 Coupes, a 68 Coupe and a 69 Mach 1 428 SCJ. as well as a 68 Sunroof Cougar and several first gen Broncos. Oh, they also have several brand X and a couple Brand Y cars.
Thanks for reading this ramble.

‘69 Mustang 302

I have a 1969 Mustang Coupe with a 302 2v. It’s been running great until today. Figured I would start it up since it’s been sitting a while. Ran fine for a couple of minutes then started sputtering and finally died. Now it won’t restart. Fuel is getting to the carburetor. Any ideas or help appreciated.


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1991 Ford Mustang LX - Sputtering

Hi All,

Reaching out to the Fox community for some assistance. The car started sputtering after I hit 2000RPMS. The more I punch it the more it does it but eventually it stops doing it

Engine is complete stock w/92.5k miles on it

New items -

1. MAP Sensor
2. Spark plugs and wires
3. fuel pump 255lph
4. new fuel tank
5. New fuel sending unit
6. TPS
7. EGR value
8. new air filter
9. Fuel regular
10. EGR value position sensor
11. Vacuum lines have been replaced and no leaks.
12. Distributor cap and rotor replaced
13. Ignition coil is new


Paint and Body Pre 10/1987 convertible Weatherstrip question

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking to replace the Pillar Post weatherstripping on my 87 vert.
With the 1987 vert, there are apparently two models of the same year.
Pre-10/1987 and After 10/1987.
Mine was built 2/1987 so I purchased the Pre weatherstripping.
Everything fits fine but here is the question. These post weatherstrips have a lip. It looks like the window is supposed to ride up the inside of the lip / channel but I dont see how they can. Is this true or does the window just squish against the weatherstrip. I dont know if other years have this lip thing.
The old weatherstrips were original so I couldn't use them as a model to follow. To old and crushed.

I'll try to post a pic what i mean.
I didnt know if someone on here has the same vert / model year that I do.

Thank and sorry for the WTF are you talking about question.

Fox Running Rich

Hi all I'm having an issue with a pathetic MPG and rich condition. I look everything with no success. I'm just working on troubleshooting an issue I encountered at the ECT sensor. The resistance on the ECT sensor is fine from cold to warm and vice versa. The problem I encountered is that the signal voltage coming from pin 7 KOEO is 2.43 volts and not the assumed (At least by me) 5.0 volts. I checked the signal voltage at the TPS connector and it showed 5.0 volts. I haven't checked yet the signal voltage at the ACT sensor connector but I assume it should be also 5.0 volts.
Did anyone had this issue of low signal voltage at the ECT, and how you guys solved that?
Could that be the cause of my rich condition and poor MPG issues too? definitely my exhaust smells like raw fuel and sometimes I hear and feel popping in my exhaust pipes under my seat.

Please help!!!

What's it Worth? 2002 Roush Stage 2

Hey Guys - After many years, it's time for me to sell my baby. It's a 2002 Roush Stage 2, 5-speed. 194K miles. Just replaced a bunch of stuff (front struts, rear shocks, transmission mount, clutch cable, calipers all the way around, rotors all the way around, brakes all the way around). Stock (except stereo with bluetooth). California car, no rust anywhere. Always been garaged. Tinted windows. Runs great but will probably need a clutch at some point.

Where do you guys think I should start (leaving room for negotiation)?






88 foxbody gt megasquirt timing issues

Hi Im not sure if this is the correct forum but Im having issues with setting/matching timing with laptop after installing the Megasquirt gen 2 with the innovate Air/Fuel gauge in my foxbody mustang.

I checked the timing with the stock DA1 ECU and it is set at 12 degrees, but when I installed the Megasquirt the timing light says its now at 60 degrees (no changes made to distributor). I set the “ignition settings” to what the install video said (ignition settings - fixed timing - 12 degrees) and changed the settings of the “trigger angle/offset” for timing changes, but still shows 60-70 degrees with the timing light. The car idles on its own with the megasquirt ecu but timing is way off on the balancer from what it shows on the laptop.

Electrical New member needing 42,92, 12, cyl8

Hello, I’m Ruben..I have a 1989 5.0 that sat for 13 years, here is what I have replaced:
New fuel tank, fuel pump, 19lb injectors, FPR set to 39lbs at idle, EGR, TPS set to .98v, new 65mm TB, IAC, BAP sensor, replaced all vacuum lines and smoked system, had ECM reprogrammed…car runs but has black smoot out the exhaust and after about 30 minutes driving it will surge while in gear but settle in Park and neutral.
OBD codes 42, 92 voltage reading at ECM pin 43 is .999v and pin 29 is .990v steady and does not fluctuate.
I have checked ground on orange wire for O2 sensors and it’s good, and checked the fuse link also good.
Vacuum reads low at idle between 15-18hg
Any help is appreciated, Thank a you
What an awesome community!