2018-10-17 10.54.55.jpg
To breach the firewall, I cut an 'X' into the rubber boot near the brake cylinder. This allowed the best path for the wire under the dashboard, and then to the rear of the car.
2018-10-17 10.53.32.jpg
I ran the power to the amp to the side of the fuse block which was easy to access.
2018-10-17 08.41.58.jpg
The factory wiring for the woofer cannot be used because the factory wiring requires the factory amp. Instead, I used the factory tweeter wire.
2018-10-17 08.41.52.jpg
After the speakers and cross overs were mounted the door was screwed shut for concealment.
2018-10-17 08.42.54.jpg
The cross overs were embedded in the baffle. I cut out a panel and mounted brass hinges for easy access after installation. I used the tweeter factory wire for the input as they were not linked to the factory amp.
2018-10-17 10.08.10.jpg
After the magnet was removed, I could use the mounting hardware that came with the tweeters.
2018-10-17 10.07.30.jpg
Notice that the woofer and tweeter are in the same location as the stock units. the new tweeters needed to use the stock mounting bracket to fit. Had to cut out the speaker and knock out the magnet.
2018-10-17 08.41.47.jpg
Left the blind on the passenger side alone and left the stock screws in place in case I need them in the future.
2018-10-17 08.41.41.jpg
Location of the new amplifier. Needed to cut the blind off to allow access to the input after installation.
2018-10-14 16.20.58.jpg
The wiring harness had all of the connectors attached so it was easy to attach wires once the speaker baffle was reinstalled.
2018-10-14 16.20.53.jpg
I prefabricated the wire harness so I only had to pull wires once.

Component Speaker Swap

I used the factory wiring and existing mounting baffles with some fabrication
What an awesome community!

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