Going to break in the 331N/A & run a Holley Systemax EFI Throttle Body Injection setup with an MSD Crank Trigger Dizzy, super easy to tune fuel map’s and Spark tables, AFR, rev limiters, 2 step, yada. Comes with a handheld LCD touchscreen. Blower lead: 3 MONTH’s!!
Breaking in the 331 N/A with a Victor, Jr. EFI Intake
Now the 331’s break-in is now going to be N/A (3 Mo. 6-71 Blower lead!).So, up CR to 10.3 w/small Ch 56cc TrickFlow 11R 190’s, Lunati S.Roller Cam, Systemax. Love the Victor, Jr EFI Intake’s! Throw a Carb on, use FI ports as DP NOS inj, or OE’s EFI using a 90’ on the flange with a TB & CAI..OPTIONS!
Trickflow 11R 205’s, Trimming 1250’s..
Hacking away at the Felpro 1250’s for unobstructed deep breathing.
331 Heads.....TFTW 11R205’s
331 Heads 11R 205 +30cc’s
331 Heads 11R 205’s +30cc’s
331 Heads........
Royally smoked, now blown, poked & Stroked
Zero internal balance Steel Crank 331
Royally smoked, now blown, poked & Stroked
Short-block complete..0 offset internally balanced 331
Smoked 302 to stroked FI 331
Waiting on Cometic head gaskets. Mellings pump, Pan/Pickup.ARP drive.Block Magna-fluxed, boiled, squared, decked (pistons @ 0.005 below zero deck) bored & honed with torque plates. File fit rings. Weighted all Components. Align honed block & internally balanced Crank. Mains @ 0.0020, Rods @ 0.0022.
Smoked 302 to stroked FI 331
TFI 11R 205 heads, competition ported, 2.050 Int.., 1.60 Ex. 66cc chamber volume. Within spec’s. Re-cut valve & seat angles for Manley severe duty valve install. Installed springs, Retainers, 10’ locks for S.Roller Crower Cam.
Smoked 302 to stroked FI 331
D.S.S. Forged, floating pin stroker pistons. +0.030 (center relief; unshrouded, flattop). 3/8” ARP SIR’s, bushed, will shotpeen for stress reduction. Will equalize weight of each like components of reciprocating assembly.
Smoked 302 to stroked FI 331
Forged 3.25” stroker Crank (331). Will Internally balance..0.
Smoked 302 to S.Roller FI 331
Stud girdle, windage (D.S.S.).
OMG..15 MILES on this build, run on GEAR LUBE!!
“Why doesn’t it run right”....”Err..bearings wiped out & you missed the front Cam bearing when you installed them”...“Didn’t come with one for the front”...”Motor needs a rebuild, Cranks scored badly, may not be salvageable,”..”Well- I’m getting a 2nd opinion”......”PLEASE.... do that!”lol!<Sigh>


Muscle-cars, whether Nostalgic or Late model, across all Mfg’s, have many things in common.An emblem proves nothing when it comes to goals and engineering to get there. Every Mfg. has at least one Car that stands out in both looks and performance, problems and recalls.
What an awesome community!

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