Tim's 1992 GT after cleaning Sept 98 Glendora CA
Beautiful day to wash a cool car.
Selling the 1986 GT and replacing with my Mercedes 1992 GT automatic.
What a BIG difference in NVH there was between the early and later Fox bodies. Alas- I only kept the 92 GT for about 2-3 years and sold it to a friend.
1986 GT - For Sale picture
Drove this car for 6 years and 100k "drive it like I stole it" miles. Raced Mitsu Talons / Eclipse, anything that felt froggy. Not to shabby for Mass Air system and 3.08 gears. Broke 1 trans (2nd sychro) and made myself suffer no 2k upshifts for 2 years before replacing with another T5.
Tim's 1985 5.0 being replaced by his newer, cooler & more powerful 1986 Mustang 5 liter
Had both cars for 6 months - took a while to sell the blue one.
Circa 1992 Tim's 2nd Mustang - 5.0 LX Throttle Body injection year.jpg
Hey - it ran better than the seized engine 1966, and it got decent mileage. A great vehicle which never let me down.
Outgoing 1992 GT auto & incoming 1984 GT @ TIM'S HOUSE Sept 1997.JPG
Sold my 1992 GT with thumper 500W stereo to friend, bought his 1984 GT convertible (our 2nd convertible) with some extra cash to fund a home remodel.
Tim's 5th Mustang - 1984 GT after bath circa1997.JPG
Traded my 4th Mustang - the 1992 GT with Brian for his 84GT and cash to help fund house remodel.
1988 Roxannes 1st Mustang.jpg
Future wife's first & only Mustang (2.3L) and her friend posing. Ahh....the 80's
1987 Tims 1st Mustang.jpg
My 1st Mustang @ Camp Pendleton - a 1966 289 with 3 speed C4 auto. Replete with Iowa rust.

Tim's Standard V8 Mustangs

Tim's Standard V8 Mustangs
What an awesome community!

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