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Chris "the Doc" Ingrassia president of Mustang Restoration's in Dundee Il. review's these very informative magazine's. For more go to
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Christopher (The Doc) Ingrassia owner of Mustang Restoration's bring's you his year's of classic car knowledge. For more about him and his restoration shop go to
Operation Mustang's & More: The informative HowTo webshow hosted by "The Doc" Christopher Ingrassia
Christopher (The Doc) Ingrassia Host of the hit show Operation Mustang's and More show how hydrogen can be used on a Ford Mustang.
Christopher Ingrassia, host of the show "Operation Mustang's and More" tell's of his experience with the great Carroll Shelby. He was a lucky guy that made his own luck.
Car crashes into Duck Pond on ASU campus 2011 SEMA Auto Show Compilation. This video is filled with everything you expect from a SEMA Show. From Mustangs, and Camaros, to Ferraris, and Mercedes. there are tons of custom fabricated and specialty performance vehicles. Tons of LSX swapped vehicles as well as Mustangs and even Broncos with a 5.0 Coyote swap! Check out our site, for tons of aftermarket and performance parts!