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This where members post their Road Racing and Drag Strip videos.
This is a cool video I made of my last trip to the track last week. Beating a hellcat was really cool LOL among other things that you will see.

Top fuel dragsters!

Most amazing event ever

Ford 300 2016

Awesome close up footage
Gt350 has headers, exhaust and tune and cobra has full bolt ons
Best video ever and experience
Clean, 1993 ford mustang, hot rod,no limit performance
some more of Ron Stang doin work
Ron Stangs 2013 Kenne bell meth headed gt 500 900whp at around 20lbs ! That whine tho!!
Yellow Bullet Nationals 2014 X275 Friday Night First round of qualifying Video taken from the roof of our All Out Automotive built 84' Ttop Mustang streetcar...
Steeda's EcoBoost S550 on the track testing our Sport Springs and Adjustable front and rear swaybars.
Turns out the guy in the 72 Nova was Ed Hedricks, multi-time drag racing champ and super cool guy :)
Class A1 Limit 175 MPH with 5 MPH grace, thus Max Limit 180 MPH. My Second run of the day I went 180.5 MPH.
A few Runs at Sacramento Raceway in my TPS, JDM, Kenne Bell built Mustang -Fabman
We absolutely had a blast running our Mustangs around the track at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. The highlight of the two days we spent there was the MRT Latemodel Race. We had three Stangs in this race. 1. 1993 Mustang GT 2. 2011 Mustang GT RTR 3. Project Coyote Swap: Bondurant Cobra [media] View: There were some amazingly fast Mustangs in this race that included a Terlingua Race Mustang and a few Boss 302s. At the end of the day the Project Coyote Swap got into the winners circle with a 3rd place finish at Hallett Raceway! Congrats to Scott Hubbard for driving it into the winners circle.
Palm beach international raceway
Steeda would like to thank everyone that attended this years Steeda Stampede and Fun Ford Weekend. We had a blast and are excited that our supercharged Steeda Q650, driven by our own Scott Boda, placed 1st in class for the MM&FF Triple Threat Throwdown and 1st overall in two of three events.
Video of running a new cts-v at a local 1/4 mile track. Wasn't a great run by me (ran a 12.39 @ 114.7 that same day), but still was much better than the cts-v lol. And yes the video is a few months old. Just forgot to post it back then. But anyway, enjoy!
Video, of my 2011 Mustang takes down a GTO
UPR Products decided to take our 2011 5.0 Mustang to Palm Beach International Raceway last night. This is our daily driver, equipped with a Hellion Turbo kit running 9 lbs of boost. The Stang made 588hp on 93 octane pump gas. Our plan was to demonstrate that we would be able to achieve low 10-second times with our daily driver and still maintain 22+ MPG. We did it!!! 22.8 MPG to and from the track and 10.34 @ 132 on the strip. Once again, our resident driver Jeremy Martorella was at the controls. Check out the videos and let us know what you think.