Buy your Mustang interior paint and dye here

When changing your interior color we recommend using the sealer/primer on all hard plastic and metal surfaces.

Mustang Interior Paint & Interior Spray Dye

Sprucing up your Mustang interior is not that difficult and you can transform "old" looking plastic interior pieces into fresh, bold new panels over the weekend! can help with our full line of Mustang vinyl and lacquer interior spray dyes and spray paints! Choose your color, your prep/cleaner, and get started!

Follow on on the video as Jmac shows you plenty of tips and tricks to getting your Mustang panels, components and pieces painted. This is a great way to paint those junk yard parts to match your Mustangs Interior or just restore old faded parts in your current Mustang.

Talk to a Mustang Enthusiast and buy your parts here:

Common parts that need paint

Fox Mustang Center Console Components

Fox Mustang Armrest Pads

Fox Mustang Ash Tray Door and Repair Kit

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Latemodel Restoration SVE 5.0Resto 50Resto
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