Classifieds Guidelines - *READ BEFORE POSTING*

Be advised:  The classifieds on this forum work on an autmated tag system.  DO NOT create your ad through Tapatalk.  Use your phone's browser to create your ad.


Here's how it works.  When you create an ad, you will select a FOR SALE tag.  Periodically, you will receive a message to remind you to renew your ad.  You do this by clicking the RENEW button at the top of your ad.  If the ad has already expired, you would click the FOR SALE button at the top of your ad to refresh it.


If you choose not to renew your ad then the tag will change to EXPIRED.  This system is in place to keep the ads in the classifieds current.



Before long, I will be changing it up so that EXIRED ads will auto-delete after 30 days.  So start getting in the habit now.

What this does is keep the classifieds section fresh so that your items have a MUCH BETTER chance of being seen and sold.  No more having to scroll through a series of old and outdated sales ads.


1. City and State Required for ALL Advertisements – You have two options: add your City and State in your profile (City and Province for Canada, other countries…we’ll just wing it), or you must put it in the ad itself. You may then delete your location in the ad once the item has sold.

2. Construction of your ad – Please be as descriptive as possible in the TITLE of the ad. Your ad titles need to include the appropriate tag: FOR SALE, WTB/WTT, etc...  If you don't see the appropriate tag then you're probably listing in the wrong forum.

Posting a CAR FOR SALE or Want (entire vehicle or rolling chassis):
- Location of vehicle/item in ad (your location if it’s a Want ad)
- For Sale tag (or whichever tag is appropriate)
- When selling a car, please put Model Year, Trim Level, body style, interior and exterior colors, transmission type, etc. in the main body of your ad. The more details, the better.
- Post GOOD pictures! If you're looking through a catalog for parts, wouldn't you want to see an image of it, even though you know what it should look like? Nobody wants to see internet pictures of your items. Use your own pictures of the ACTUAL item.

Posting a CAR WANTED ad – See items 1 and 2. Give a good description of what you're looking for. Be specific and post whether you're looking to buy or trade, along with a price range of what you'd expect to spend.

3. Be Civil! - If you want to haggle with someone on price, do it politely. If you want to tell them how completely off-base you believe their prices are, send them a private message (PM). Any public display of contesting someone's price / base is considered a negative behavior and a penalty may apply.

4. Make your ad readable, for crying out loud! - Use the SHIFT and ENTER keys--not all capital letters, either. Comma and period keys won't cost you anything. Don't make a huge block of run-on text about your car and expect people to read it.

- If you want top dollar for your car, run a spell check, proofread, and make paragraphs. Be detailed. Presentation IS everything!!!

- If your ad is a sloppy mess and your pictures are either nonexistent or of low-quality, people may well think that this lack of attention to detail has influenced the condition of the car or item. A little effort can go a long way in making an ad.

5. Keep it on the up-and-up. – If your ad looks shady, then it stands to reason that staff will remove it. There won’t be advanced warning. It will just be gone. If you followed the guidelines above, this will likely not happen to you. It’s in your best interest to format your ad carefully and correctly. If it's formatted like like spam from Nigeria then we'll just nuke it and move on with our lives.

6. Stangnet Classifieds will not be host to your ongoing business venture. - The classifieds are for the one time sale of your private property or your Ad indicating your own personal need to obtain a part or parts. We have no need or desire to see your Craiglsist ad(s) or a link to your E-Bay storefront or website. If you'd like to sell your item on E-bay then GREAT! If instead you'd like to post your item(s) here, or even at the same time, that's fine too. You're free to include your E-bay or Craigslist link but that is in addition to and not instead of the regular requirements.  The classifieds are not however, the venue to attract attention to your ads or auctions, listed by other means.

7. You are NOT required to post your personal information (email, phone number(s), instant message IDs, etc) in the thread for everyone and all to see. Those exchanges can be made in Private Message / Conversation and you are encouraged to use it.

If you have questions on why an ad was locked or removed, look over the rules. If the rules don't cover something you have questions on, message a member of the StangNet Staff. If your ad was locked, it is not a vast conspiracy against you. Remember, after is just the Internet.


When it's all said and done it should have at miminum, the following:


Thread Tag (Along side of the Title)


Item Location (city/state)


Asking Price



Finally, if you looking for something and not selling... Those ads go in the WTB forum and NOT in the FOR SALE forum.


Titles should read something like:  [FOR SALE]  1995 Mustang GT Convertible / 70,000 Miles / 10,000 mile motor / Lots of Upgrades


We're not too picky about the titles but a good description is what will haul folks into your ad.


Finally...  Ensure that you have the correct email address listed in your profile.  Stangnet servers send you notifications of activity for your thread.  There's no reason to even list an email address in your Ad.  Make sure that you are following your own thread and you'll be emailed responses as they occur.


In addition, Stangnet will also send you notification when it's time to renew your thread.  If you recieve and email stating that it's time to renew then simply go to your thread and click the renew button at top left corner of the thread.  That's it!  If you neglect to renew your thread then the server will put your ad into an EXPIRED status.  On the same token, once your item has sold, remember to return and change the tag to SOLD.  This will stop the server from sending you reminders.


Thanks everyone!  A special thanks to those of you who took the time to read this before posting!


Please Private Message Noobz347 through the site message system or email [email protected] if you have any questions. You can also post your question(s) in the Feedback and Testing forum.

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    Jan 21, 2012
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