StangNet's Project 67

StangNet's Project 67

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback
428 CobraJet
Catback: Magnaflow Headers: TBD
1964 Ford Guardsman Blue

Project sponsored by
CJ Pony Parts, TMI Products, Classic...
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Latest updates

  1. 428 CJ FE Running on the Engine Stand

    The engine is up and running for our 67 Project. The engine will be EFI once installed in the...
  2. Edelbrock E-Street EFI System

    We have EFI! We will be running the Edelbrock E-Street EFI system for our 428 FE setup in the...
  3. She is a rolling chassis again!

    After the cutting in the paint of the Guardsman Blue, our Fastback project has gotten her 'roll...
  4. Paint! Cut in the jams, engine bay and underbody

    Today we were finally able to get some Guardsman Blue on the 67. Pictures do NOT do this color...
  5. Engine Update

    The 428 CJ is coming along. This is an all Iron (Fe) setup. We have an original 69 428 block...
  6. Body In First Primer

    Slow and steady! First coat of primer is on. Only 2 more blocking's to go. :) We will then...
  7. Primer Going On

    It's been a bit slow but the Holidays and colder weather has slowed up down. The initial...
  8. First Blocking Done - Reface done

    Car and parts have been blocked down for the first time. It will be blocked 2 more times after...
  9. Original 428 Cobra Jet Crank

    Yep... have had this for several years stored in the corner, had always thought it was a 390...
  10. Color is Changin, Reface is on to start blocking #1

    We finished getting all the gaps the way we wanted. Fitment has been done and now we have taken...
  11. Working the Hood and Trunk area

    We decided not to run signal lights in the cowl of the hood so we smoothed those off and got the...
  12. Removing the Cowl Vents

    We are going with aftermarket A/C setup so with keeping the smooth look we opted to block out...
  13. CJ Pony Parts Smooth Lower C panels

    We opted to keep the lines on this car all smooth. Having the inverted upper sail panels, we...
  14. Shock Towers Notched

    Making room for the 428FE! Project sponsored by CJ Pony Parts
  15. Working the hood gaps

    The hood is fitting nicely and we have got the gaps like we want them. Working the hood and...
  16. Getting the Door gaps right

    No easy task! Patience and work! Project sponsored by CJ Pony Parts
  17. Headlight Buckets Mounted

    Finally worked the headlights in. They are mounted to the fenders, not the front cover like a...
  18. Front Fascia Mounted

    Working the CDC front fascia in and getting the gaps and fitment right. Sponsored project...
  19. RRS Rear Brakes and RRS Watts 3-Link installed

    We installed the suspension into our project. We know it's early in the build but in order to...
  20. Body Works has begun on our Dynacorn Body

    We have installed the CDC upper C sail panels and have started installing and gapping the rear...

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This is one BA car build.
Gonna be sick, can't wait for the finished product.