1. A

    1966 mustang carburetor trouble

    Hi everyone, My 1966 mustang 200 had a leaky carb, but ran fine. I decided the garage smelling like gas was not a good idea. I bought a new carb from a local parts place, and it replaced it, ran fine the first day. Next afternoon went to start it up and the carb floods, engine cranks but not...
  2. Project_66

    Need Help With This One! 1966 Mustang

    Hello everyone! So I'll make this short n sweet. I bought a basket case and I'm not giving up on this one. So with that said I need help with where to buy bolts and nuts that did go with this 1966 coup? Also was a straight six and came with a 302 with some sort of serpetine belt set up. Dose not...