1968 fastback

  1. L

    300ci Straight 6 power upgrades

    I have a 68 Fastback with an inline 6 300 and a manual. the car I believe had a 351 Windsor originally but a previous owner replaced it with the 300. ive decided to build the I6 because ive had a truck with one before and really love straight 6s anyway. This car is bone stock other than that and...
  2. moonraker

    Paint and Body 68 Fastback Without Crome On Door Glass?

    I'm restomodding 68 Fastback and chrome trim around door glass is shot. I live in Russia so ordering a new trim is going to be expensive because of shipping cost. Have anybody seen/done door glass without trim? Theoretically it shouldn't be a problem but my concern is how it will look and fit...