1. V

    For Sale 75/76 assortment of parts for sale

    Hi all. I'm extreamly new to this fourm and really only joined to hope full find a good home for the parts I have. No luck on generic classified sites so I figured I try going to a place I know there might be intrerest. Long story short used that have a 76 cobra II and parts for fender bender...
  2. Buddha_DUT

    Missing Blue And White 76 Coupe

    -{[EDIT]}- Was told tonight that someone saw her at a mechanics shop somewhere in rural GA in the vicinity of Macon! Anybody near that way?-{[EDIT-}] My profile picture is the only picture of the car I've still got, but hopefully it's enough to go on. Here's the nitty gritty. I made some bad...
  3. O

    Engine Mustang Ii 76, 4 Cyl - Upgrade

    Hello, This is my first thread here on this forum. I have inherited a Mustang II 76 4 cyl. The car has been in a garage in about 20-30 years, and I wondering about sending it to Poland or Latvia to fix it up. However I am wondering the possibilities to upgrade the engine. I guess the car only...