1986 gt

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    Speed density to MAF stock 86

    I'm trying to see if its worth swapping my speed density to a mass air sensor. My 86 GT is stock but I'm planning on getting some GT40 heads and intake later down the line. Is there any benefits if I do it now or should I just wait.
  2. First Cruise-In after restoration

    First Cruise-In after restoration

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    Interior and Upholstery Restoring the Door Panels On Destiny the '86 GT

    I'm restoring the door panels on my '86 GT convertible. The door panel vinyl is in great shape, but like most of these foxes, the cardboard behind the vinyl and carpet has warped due to water damage. This also affected the door panel carpet, so that will be replaced as well. Someone before me...
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    Destiny the 86 GT Convertible

    What's up y'all. I'm new to the site and new to fox bodies. I got an 86 GT Convertible that was used as a prop in a concert about a year ago. My plan is to restore it and get it back to running strong. Ultimately, the final step will be removing the artwork with a fresh paint job. I named the...
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    85-86 door body moldings on 87-93

    Hello, First time Fox body owner. I’m having trouble hunting down clean doors for my 86 GT hatch. Mine are rotted. I know they had the same body moldings for 85-86 and changed them in 87. Is it possible to install the 85-86 body moldings on the newer doors? I know they wouldn’t fit directly...