2000 mustang v6

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    T-5 issue with 3/4 slider on rebuild

    Been rebuilding the T-5 (WC) in my 2000 V6 mustang. Having issues with the 3/4 slider on the rebuild. Slider works fine for 3rd gear but when I attempt to act like I'm shifting to 4th gear, the slider goes too far, which causes the keys in the slider to 'stand up', stopping the slider from...
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    Can I Swap My Old Non Abs Axle Shaft With One That Has Abs

    I bent the axle on my 2000 v6 stang. I bought a whole diff from an auto recycler but the guys gave me a diff that has abs and mine does not. I only want to swap the shaft. Anybody know if i can install this shaft with abs. Basically all i need to know is if the spline in the diff is the same and...