2001 mustang

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    2001 front end damage

    Long time ago I bought an 01 that somebody drove into a pole the damage is on the passenger side. My question is related to the pats systwm. Is there anything within the engine bay that could effect the pats system if damaged? Only damage I see are these 2 hand sized black boxes that were...
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    What Tuner to Buy

    Hi I have my 2001 mustang GT that I've been working on and I'm ready to get a tuner for it but I keep seeing mixed feelings on many of the tuners, the programs, and the companies as a whole. Any advice of what one to invest in? I want a hand held that I can get live readings off of. thanks
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    Fuel Fuel Leak after replacing fuel filter

    I replaced the fuel filter in my 2001 Mustang gt for the first time and got everything reconnected (I think). When I turn the cars electric on to prime the fuel pump, there is a leak coming from the fuel filter/fuel filter area. I can’t tell exactly where the leak is happening, but it’s...
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    01 mustang built v6
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    01 V6 control arm problem

    Please help me, I’ve been trying to figure out why my drivers side tire is so far back that it hits the back of the wheel well. A mechanic said that it would need a new lower ball joint and rack and pinion and that’s it, but I doubt that that is all it needs, here’s a photo without the tire...
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    Identifying Engine Parts

    I tried searching on Google but maybe I didn't search the right part. My car starts to smoke when I come to a stop but i don't see it come from under the hood, more so from under the car. I think I may know from what but I don't know what the part is called. Can anyone identify this for me? I'm...