1. 0

    2007 OEM HOOD

    Hows it going, so I have recently bought a Mustang (07 GT) and the previous owner put a nonfunctional hood scoop that needs to go ASAP. I was looking online and couldn't find a factory or even just plain hood that was under 800 bucks. I'm just looking for a plain no scoops, indents or extras...
  2. D

    2007 Mustang - A/c Blows Through Defrost Fix

    Hello All, I'll start with my problem was the Panel(Dash)/Floor actuator. I wanted to post how I fixed my 2007 mustang when the A/C would only blow through the defrost no matter where I turned the dial on the A/C, no knocking or clicking sound. I searched the web to figure out what the problem...
  3. M

    SOLD 2007 Mustang Gt For Sale Low Mileage

    2007 Red Mustang GT Colorado Red, Black Interior. 36,000 original miles. Beautiful condition. Always garaged. 300 hp of awesome power. Has always had oil changed between 3k - 5k miles. Shaker 500 radio V8, 5-Speed Manual. Non smoker owned. Currently financed thru USAA. $13,900...
  4. DrewChit15

    Brake Squeak?? Ball Joint?? Help!

    I recently bought a 07 GT and recently discovered a squeaking noise coming from the drivers side front wheel while braking? It is faint while in park but is very audible when coming to say a stop sign? Any ideas on what it is and possibly how to fix??
  5. denby777

    Oil Pressure Idiot Light 2007 Gt/cs

    Need some advice on my 2007 GT with only 52K miles. The car runs perfectly however once in awhile the low oil pressure warning message will pop up when I "get on it " so to speak. It has happened two times when I get on the interstate and accelerate quickly through the gears. The car runs fine...