2018 mustang gt

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    Please Help!!! Spark Plug

    Okay I own a Procharged P1-X e85 2018 Mustang GT. Currently took out all spark plugs since I noticed I was burning oil. Cylinder 7 and 8 were blackened and you could see oil on it and the rest were normal. When I noticed it driving I didn't whomp on it at all just drove it normal and it acted...
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    2018 mustang transmission problem

    Hi guyz, i dont know if someone have any issue like this in 2018 mustang gt automatic transmission. I was trying to park my car inside garage and when ever i put car in D (drive) it dont move at all but gears go to 10. And then i tried to put back to park/neutral (P/N) it shows no gears but as...
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    2018 Mustang Gt Manual - Anyone Get Close To 4 Secs?

    Hi guys. I have the 2018 Mustang GT premium with PP1, Magneride, and 401a. So far, loving it. I posted a few months back when I ordered it that I'm coming from a 2017 STI Ltd. Question: My absolute best time so far (I posted it on my Youtube channel, and no I'm not a paid youtuber, I only have...