2.3 to 5.0

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    Engine Need help 90 mustang carbed 5.0

    I bought the car about 2 months ago maybe longer anyway factory 2.3 5 spd 90 mustang hatchback swapped to a 5.0 from a 84 truck carbed true dual exhaust no cats brand new holley street warrior carb electric choke anyways the problem runs fine until randomly under load motor starts bogging then...
  2. J

    questions for 2.3 to 5.0 carb swap

    Have a carbed 302 I got for $600. All new seals gaskets etc etc. plan on swapping out the 2.3. As FOR NOW I plan on keeping the 4cyl spindles, and the rear. As I heard From someone who’s done numerous swaps they can be used, Just not beaten on for the time being. Besides all the trans, engine...