24lb injectors

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    Are 30LB injectors good for 300-350WHP?

    So I have an 01 Mustang GT basically full bolt on & cams @ 280RWHP. Stock injectors and stock fuel pump, stock maf. I plan on getting a Wahlbro 255 fuel pump but not too sure what size injectors I should get since I know I'm going with a 75 shot of nitrous one day so 350-360RWHP would be my...
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    Engine 87 mustang injection HELP!!

    Buddy and I are building a 87 302 ho we have upgraded the injectors to 24lbs but now it’s running rich do we need to change the ecu to accommodate the bigger injectors or ad a maf sensor? It’s .30 over 303 thumper cam gt cobra heads ported has. 70mml intake.