2v mustang

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    2000 mustang gt should I supercharge

    Hello i have a question I have a 2000 mustang gt with 171,000 miles on it should I supercharge it or will blow on a dyno?
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    Missing coolant sensor 4.6 2v

    Just wanted some info I had a 2010 Grand Marquis motor put in my 01 GT and it is missing the etc sensor on the aluminum crossover. What is the best way to get a hole drilled for the sensor? Will the manifold have to be removed? Just want to know my best option as I don't have any drilling...
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    Electrical Power Window Wiring Nightmare.Please Help.

    2002 Mustang GT Auto. Previous owner added a Dei 530T Module so the wiring is not orm from factory. I fixed the driver side power window and lock by re wiring everything back to stock. My problem is my passenger side is getting no power at all. Side Mirror and window do not work with any of the...