302 ci

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    302 ford D90E-6015-E3A hole on back passenger side of engine

    I have a 302 Ford block code D90E-6015-E3A I am rebuilding. I know the 302 is a 1979 to 1984 period block. I cannot figure out what the holes in the back passenger side of the block are for. 1 hole is in the rear main and it aligns to a hole just below the deck on passenger side rear of engine...
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    Should I mod the 302 or run the 390?

    What's up, Stangnet folks? I'm hoping to get some opinions here, help me make a good decision! I'm in the never-ending process of restoring a 1969 Mustang GT Sportsroof for my son. As it stands right now, we have a 302 that runs well, with the following add-ons; Performer 4-barrel aluminum...