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    Turbo 99 Mustang ideas

    I have a 99 v6 mustang with headers, a cold air intake, and an 8.8 in the rear. i am buying a 4.2 crankshaft and pistons to stroke it out but the plan is to run as much boost as possible lol. just wondering how much boost the rotating assembly will take.
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    Thank You For Reading

    Hey, so I want to boost my 2000 3.8L, I want to know exactly what I would need starting from square one. I've been told that I need 1. Compressor 2. Turbine 3. Wastegastes And Bypass Valves 4. Heat, Detonation, And Intercooling 5. Fuel Systems 6. A Turbo.. I just want to know if there are kits...