1. MoDriver

    SOLD 1998 Svt Mustang Cobra / 120k Miles T56 Magnum 6-speed

    1998 Mustang Cobra, black w/black leather interior, 6-speed manual transmission, Mach-460 AM/FM cassette, cruise control, and power seats. Located in Springfield, VA. Much of the mechanicals have been upgraded or replaced. The engine and paint is original and stock. This car now features a...
  2. Goon Squad Racing

    Drivetrain 3.73 Or 4.10 In Slightly Built '01 Gt?

    I drive an '01 GT auto. Heads, cams, cai, intake/plenum, and nitrous. Currently have 3.73's, but I've been looking into getting 4.10's. I plan on going to the strip at some point, it'd be a fun time for my dad and I (I'm 16, we're both Mustang guys) and we'd settle our debate about our cars(he...