4.6 gt

  1. L

    My 2007 Shelby Gt

    So I just bought my first mustang. I payed 11,000 grand for my 5 speed Shelby gt. Had 1 owner who kept it mostly in the garage. 100k miles and she runs perfect. I don’t know much about her and would like to know what I should do to it ? Mods and tunes wise... any suggestions ?
  2. Daniel Rosas

    Engine P0171 Need Help

    So i bought my 96 gt a few months back, when i bought it it wasnt running, the intake manifold was leaking coolant, and the cats were torn to bits. Sense then i replaced the cats along with o2 sensors in both bank 1 and 2. I Also replaced the intake manifold. When i first started the car i...