65 coupe

  1. M

    What's it Worth? 65 Red coupe

    Looking at a 65 coupe tmrw. It’s been in a guys yard for a very long time. Current info I know is the paint is ok. There’s is a couple spots of rust that need to be addressed. The floorboards are rotted and taken out. Not sure of interior condition. Original 4 speed 289 4bll. Not sure what code...
  2. Tom Winkler

    Axle Code 2

    I have owned this car a few years, it is a nice little car I enjoy driving almost daily. The couple I bought it from were unable or unwilling to tell me much. What I saw is what I got. Having tended to the more stinky stuff I am touching details. A GPS has been the speedometer since learning its...
  3. EKyellow65

    Electrical 65 Mustang Fog Lights Blinking - Help!

    Hello Everyone, I have recently installed fog lights on my 65 mustang non-GT coupe. I've been having trouble with the fog lights blinking after a few minutes of them being on and the engine running. When they blink, there is a very clear "click" from the circuit breaker which makes me...
  4. Porps

    How Ya Doin??!!!!

    I'm new here, and just got my "65" this weekend!!! Lots of work to do and hope you all don't mind stupid questions! I had a 6 cyl "65" back in the 80's and always wanted a nice finished V-8. I'm gonna need a paint job and lots of advice!