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    Progress Thread 2014 Automatic idle/accelaration Issues

    Long explanation but really need some advice. My Car started acting up when I sit in idle the car is running lean stays at 15.6 but smells like gas as if it were rich. Car also randomly jumps to 20 in air fuel ratio and the rpms drop and the car sounds like its going to stall out. Does this 4 or...
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    2003 mustang v6 tick on start ups.

    I recently got a 2003 mustang v6 convertible. I noticed that when I started her up the next morning, a tick sound would appear and it would dissipate after 15-20 seconds. If i leave the car off for an hour, then start it up, the same thing happens. Tick for 20 seconds, then goes away. Ive looked...
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    Electrical 1997 no fire

    I have a 1997 v6 with a 1996 3.8 motor, eng wiring harness, ecm, dash wiring harness, cluster and column Ive tried everything and searched everywhere Im not getting any spark from the coil pack the 96 car ran and drove before I did the swap into my 97 I've checked the crank posit in sense and...