1. D

    Emissions Problem - Very High Hc

    I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I've searched the forums but have not seen a similar problem. My '85 GT has had an '88 5.0 HO swapped in (not by me). I took my '85 GT to get an emission inspection. I live in Colorado and for an '85 it's a dynamometer test to simulate...
  2. jrichker

    Help me create the "Surging Idle Checklist"

    Updated 05 July 2022 to add rough idle when cold and smooth idle when up to normal operating temperature. See the EGR tech information, section #15 for more help. Many of you are familiar with the "Cranks OK, but No Start Checklist for Fuel Injected Mustangs" checklist and the No Crank...