88 gt

  1. 8

    Plz Help! ‘88 Mustang will not idle and runs poorly

    Hey guys. I’ve got an 88 Foxbody that I purchased a few months ago. The car ran alright but just didn’t seem to be getting enough air. So I ended up coverting to Mass Air and used the proper comp (A9L), but once I started the car it wouldn’t run with the meter hooked up. Ended up getting the ECU...
  2. FrankenStang88

    Crate Engines And Fuel Delivery

    Ok so i have an 88 GT and want to throw in a blue print engine with 390hp. The only problem is, its carbuerated but can be fuel injected, but it did say not compatible with stock fuel injection. So i looked at some websites and it said my car is speed density efi. It said i needed to convert to...