1. beyondEOD

    SN95 94-95 Microsquirt Pinouts

    Does anyone have the Pinouts for the Microsquirt to 94-95 SN95 EEC Harness? It would greatly help me figure out how they are interfacing and working with/around the CCRM. (Specifically the AC WOT Cut and AC Control Circuit)
  2. beyondEOD

    94-95 Mustang 5.0 AODE MS3 Gold Box w/ Microsquirt

    Alright here is is. I now have an EFI Source 86-93 MS3 Gold Box with the Microsquirt to run the AODE. Build Details: 1995 Mustang AODE GT40p Heads Anderson B-31 Cam 218/228 109ICL 112LSA Explorer Intake 65mm TB, SN95 MAF, Stock Airbox, K&N Filter BBK Shorties VRS Catted X Ford BB302 30lb...