95 mustang

  1. DrSmart

    94 GT Convertible Speedo Electrical Issue

    The speedometer quit working years ago when my grandparents owned the car. They bought it new. About 2002 my grandfather took it to get inspected and it quit working after the inspection. I have change out the gears a couple of years ago, but I don't remember seeing the burned connection...
  2. O

    99 To A 95 Engine Swap

    So I have a 99 automatic v6 engine. Can I put it in a 95 that previously had a v6 manual. The transmission is still in the 95.
  3. P

    95 3.8l Headlight Issue

    I have a 95 3.8l mustang I recently bought. It has 216k on it, but drives great. While driving it the headlights suddenly went off, and came back on. They did this 2 more times, then stayed on. The next day they did it again and are now completely out. The bulbs are good, Ive replaced the...