97 mustang gt

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    I need help finding steering wheel adapter

    I recently bought a grant steering wheel for my 97 mustang gt and I can’t find the right adapter. The single bolt is squared and all the adapters I can find anywhere are either splined or 6 sided. I have no idea and have looked everywhere online and no solution. Anyone know where to find one?
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    Hunting idle 4.6 2v with stage one cam

    I need help I have a 97 gt with a pi motor I am using the advantage iii software. I am having the worst time trying to get my idle straight it won't stop surging. I set the idle to 900 and it still jumps around. What parameters am I supposed to adjust to fix this. I set the injector delay minus...
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    Speedo Over 150mph When Traveling At 50 Mph???

    So I bought this 97 gt coupe for 1300. I knew it would have some issues. Well I put a rebuilt transmission in it with new clutch and flywheel as well as new cable and quad. Mechanic says someone cut the wires for the vss so I got a replacement for him and he installed it.(the speedo didn't work...
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    1997 Mustang Gt Project