1. cutecrimnal143

    Tune Help With Mustang Gt And Color

    Hello guys i just purchased a 2001 mustang gt with 88000 miles on it in red . The car has different shades of red because of paint oxidation i would like to fix that too i don't know how to go about that any help in that regard would be great . I did some work on the car which inludes bbk...
  2. MrVern306

    Expired Accel Dfi Gen-6

    Hey everyone Im selling a used DFI Gen-6 right now it is progam for 42 lbs Injectors for Supercharge or Turbo w/ 2 Bar map senor.. Works very well give will give you extreme more power than EFI tune Crap.. I paid $1100 asking $500 plus shipping. If interested please email me at...