axle shaft

  1. Josecomputertech

    2011 5.0 Stick Shift Rearend

    I've looked everywhere and can't get a "real" answer My car was hit from the side and I think it bent the rear axle My question is what year Rear end bolt right into mine? I don't want to risk it being bent and just changing the internals. There are a lot of junkyards around my area that have...
  2. K

    Can I Swap My Old Non Abs Axle Shaft With One That Has Abs

    I bent the axle on my 2000 v6 stang. I bought a whole diff from an auto recycler but the guys gave me a diff that has abs and mine does not. I only want to swap the shaft. Anybody know if i can install this shaft with abs. Basically all i need to know is if the spline in the diff is the same and...