backfire through intake

  1. D

    Carb Spitting

    Hey, I'm looking for some tips after rebuilding my holley double pumper. When I stomp on the pedal (idling) the car will sputter and if I press moderately it will spit fire out the primary and air out the secondary. If I press the gas gradually, there's no issues and it revs as expected. It...
  2. Krazykyle44

    Engine Backfiring and Shaking Pony

    Hello everyone, hopefully I,m posting the in the right thread. So I have an automatic 90 fox 5.0 LX with a lot of different mods. I got the mustang about year ago from a guy who was starting to convert it into a drag car. He got about half way and gave up and I took over the car. I dont want to...
  3. T

    Engine Backfire Through Intake / Low Power at WOT

    1991 LX 5.0 automatic convertible. 100% stock top to bottom end to end. 50k miles on the engine, 250k on the transmission and body. No EEC codes. Runs well at idle, at cruise, at normal throttle opening (normal driving around town and on the highway). They only time I have a problem is at quick...