best tire size

  1. C

    Looking for HELP with finding the right tire size!

    I have a 91 Foxbody with a new set of SVE 18" rims. The rears are 18X10, and I have been looking at the Nitto NT555R tires for them but I am not sure if the ones I want will fit. I would like to get the 305X35X18's but will they fit??? If not I would have to go back to the 285's. I have not...
  2. Jet Rootka

    Tire Size Calculations

    The tire size numbers like 245 45 r16 can be understood this way.... The 16 is easy it is the tire diameter or the size of rim it will fit. The 245 is in mm (metric) and is the width of the tire. The 45 is the height factor and is a percentage of the width. So to calculate the overall height...