1. H

    To boost or not to boost?

    Hey everybody, new to Stangnet, and the car community itself as well. I have an an 89 5.0 manual LX hatch. Bought it with an Edelbrock high rpm intake, 3.55 rear, headers, exhaust, and possibly a cam. I'm not too sure if it does for a few reasons. I may swap for a decent cam in the future...
  2. AzMustangDad

    2001 Saleen N/a For Sale 77k Miles

    2001 Saleen Mustang Naturally-Aspirated (No Supercharger). Real Saleen (Vin and Saleen Badge confirmed with Saleen Company). Great condition. 77,500 Miles. Lots of extras. Clean title in hand. Cash, Bank Loans, and major bank cashier checks only. $12,000 OBO Upgrades: BAMA Tuned with SFX-4...