1. gaprabbit

    3 bolt starter interchangeable with 2 bolt starter?

    Hi all: I recently just purchased a high torque mini starter from LMR (link: When I tried to remove my current starter, I realized mine has a three-bolt setup as opposed to the starter I bought, which has only...
  2. T

    Interior and Upholstery New user. 90 lx Seat bolt issue

    Hi, new to the forums and working on cars in general. Have to replace the heater core on my 90 lx 2.3 mustang. Step one I hear is to remove the seats. I've been stuck for 3 days trying to get the 2 rear bolts for the front seats to budge. I've used wd40, open and shut spray, box end wrench...
  3. T

    Power Steering Pulley Bolt Size?!?

    I can't seem to find the bolt that holds the power steering pump pulley on. Anyone know the exact size? Looks like theres got to be a washer also