1. AydenTv

    Engine My Foxbody Firing order is different

    I got this 89 LX Convertible with the 5.0 motor.. wemt to change distrubutor cap but first checked to see how the plug wires went on google.. 137 blah blah was every 5.0 HO motor firing order.. i noticed it was different.. it has tje 154 non HO 302 firing order.. idk why... it looks just like a...
  2. Z

    5.4 4v Navigator Swap

    Hello I have a 2002 Mustang 3.8 I am really considering doing this navigator swap! I know I need besides the engine, the Harness, and the ECU. now i am considering for the internals to look at Modular Motorsports Racing! Also they have some 5.0 manifold adapter plates. When i do...
  3. A

    Help! Creaking Sound Coming From Engine

    Hello all, I have very big problem with a creaking noise coming from the engine of my 2011 5.0. The car currently has a Racer C&L cai and a boss 302 intake manifold with a bama 93 tune. The sound is constantly present although it does slightly go away when the car is warm. There is a noticeable...