1. Nathaniel Donnelly

    Tranny Or Torque Converter?

    Hi all! '67 convertible with 289 I've had a chronic issue with either my transmission (C-4) or torque converter. Everything works just fine when cold or during light use. However, if I'm accelerating up a long hill when warm, I sometimes get a "FFFFT, FFFFT!" sound accompanied by a slipping...
  2. Nathaniel Donnelly

    Rebuild C4 Or Replace With C6

    Hello Stangnet! I've noticed the C4 in my '67 vert is starting to take a while to engage when cold. I realize that this may mean a rebuild to replace all the worn junk inside. Not sure of the history of the tranny, but suspect it has never been rebuilt. Right now, I have the numbers-matching...