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    Engine (Problem) Converting 1987 fox to carbed setup

    I recently have converted my 1987 speed density fox to a carbureted setup with gt40 heads, tfs1 cam, weiand stealth dual plane intake, and a 600 edelbrock carb. the car idles fine and seems to rev up smooth. The problem is once the car is under load like going down the street it seems to be...
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    (carb Wiring)do I Need A Distributor Rotor To Blaster Coil Wire?

    I have the whole duraspark ignition module and wiring. I have the 3 wires that run from the dizzy to ignition harness but do I need a wire that runs from the center of the distributor rotor to the top of the ignition blaster style coil? If I do need it where do I get one? Cant seem to find one...