1. TwinTurboV8

    1967 inline-6 Ford Mustang single barrel carb to double barrel carb

    Hey! I’m new to this forum and new to owning a classic car. Me and my father own a base model 1967 Ford Mustang with the 200ci inline-6. It has low miles (close to 20k by now) and we want to help the engine with its hesitation. It has slow acceleration, so we want to wake it up a little bit so...
  2. I

    88 GT 5.0 (Carbuerated) No Start

    Hey, guys! New to the forum. I know someone must have answered or attempted to answer this question before. I purchased an 88 Ford GT 5.0 convertible from a guy who could't turn a wrench. Last season the car would fire right up on a cold start, hot start not so much. I have changed the ignition...