1. C

    fox body difference 79-81 and 82-93

    Hi there I'm looking at replacing the carpet in my 82 Capri, so there isn't also of sites supporting parts for Capri's, but there is plenty for Fox body and from what i understand Fox body and Carpi share platforms. Now to my question, are there any differences in the floor pan of a fox body...
  2. P

    WTB/Trade Dc/va/md Area: Need Interior Parts

    Hi, My '06 has an interior in poor condition. The interior is gray, so easiest to stick with that, but will consider black or other color combos. I'm looking for: Carpet: Gray or black Headliner Rear package shelf Seats May also want: Console Aluminum finish dash trim 6 gauge cluster...
  3. MrFox5.0

    Replacing 1992 Foxbody Carpet

    I plan on replacing this 25 year carpet because it's begging for mercy at this point. What's the easiest way to go about cutting out the various access points?
  4. T

    Rain Leak

    I got a 93 notch (not a convertible) and everytime it rains water comes down both the right and left sides of the firewall and both floor pans end up getting wet. I checked the fire wall wire grommets but still can't figure it out. Any recommendations?
  5. S

    1965 Mustang Carpet Kit (coupe Vs. Fastback)

    QUESTION: If I have a carpet kit for a 1965 Mustang Fastback, can I make it work in a Coupe? I'm on a super tight budget and a friend gave me a carpet kit but its for a fastback and I have a coupe...Can I make this fit or will it be completely off? Thanks guys