catalytic converters

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    WTB/Trade WTB: 1990 5.0 LX Factory Exhaust

    Is anyone looking to get rid of a factory exhaust system for a 1990 or similarly equipped 5.0 LX? I have aftermarket from the manifolds back and I'd like to restore this to an original state, but do not have the original parts. I'm in Austin, TX, and would prefer local, but happy to work out...
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    For Sale 99 - 04 Mustang H-pipe with working Cats for sale

    I have a stock H-pipe with cats. Still works, have no use for it since installing Long Tubes and new O/R H-Pipe. The H-Pipe was Pulled from a 2000 Ford Mustang GT. I am Located in Queens, New York City, New York. Zip Code 11385. Does NOT Include 02 Sensors or Sensor Wires. Does NOT Include...