cobra exhaust

  1. C

    97 Cobra Exhaust Help!

    I recently noticed my mufflers on my 97 cobra had rusted out. I have had the car since 03 and always loved the sound and tone. Apparently it had flowmaster 40 series on it so I decided to go with the same since I was already happy with the sound. I have only driven the car a little bit so far...
  2. shadetreemech031

    01 Cobra Exhaust On 01 V6

    Greetings all, I have an h-pipe with cats and tail pipes from an 01 cobra, all stock. What will I need to do to install it on my stock 01 v6? Not really looking for more power, just improved sound and look. I'm sure there is already a post, just can't seem to find it. Thanks!