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    Replaced TPS, four dead cylinders

    Hey all--I have an 03/04 cobra swapped 99 GT with a twin turbo kit and an 01 cobra intake manifold (for reference). I recently had a CEL display for p0122, a TPS failure. I replaced the TPS, and ever since replacing it, the car has idled on only the rear four cylinders, not even on the same...
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    Downside Of High Compression Ratio

    Hello everyone. I came today with something odd. I own a 2003 v6 mustang (manual) and as i work on it something that shows constantly is the idea of tuning the car too a higher compression ratio to use high octane gas. This would give the car a little bit more of punch; however, there is always...
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    Twin Turbo Install Need Some Advice

    Hey guy so i have a complete twin turbo kit, still in the process of installing it right now. Just want to go over some things to get a complete rundown on everything that is going to be done. So currently the motor is rebuilt, all new bearing and forged interals in an 89 block. Gt40p heads...