coolant leak- heater intake

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    Mach1 2003 coolant leaking rear of engine

    What should I do to determine where the coolant leak is? It is leaking coolant where the pictures show onto the sway bar usually then to the ground. I cannot see a leak in the back on the engine like where the heater hoses are. What should I do to troubleshoot this? This is NOT condensation like...
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    Proud 2kGT Owner Looking for Info

    What up Fellow Stang Owners! Bought my SN95 a few months ago from my neighbor. May as well have stolen it from them for what I paid. Either way, the car was half dead and barely running. I've done a decent amount on it thus far (tune up, coolant flush, oil change, & rear drums and brake pads)...
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    04 Gt-diagnosis Help: Intake Coolant Leak

    Hello Everyone, thanks for taking a look. Recently bought a 04 Mustang GT and have run into an issue. Any help appreciated! I just got off the highway and was sitting at a stop light, a spray of coolant hit my windshield and smoke started to pour. Pulled over and discovered that the heater...